Fruit & Vegetables

We are the company based in Belgrade, specialized in import and export of fruits and vegetables on the international markets, with the special focus on the regional distribution in Southeast Europe and Middle East.

Over the years, we have built strong connections all over the world through long-term collaboration with the producer’s and suppliers. We are very familiar with each aspect of our producer’s business because we want to be sure that the products we offer respond to all the standards and requests of our clients/buyers.

Bringing the various products from the distant countries to our shops and proudly representing domestic products to foreign countries, we CONNECT the world.

We always offer the products from trustworthy sources and with the best quality/price rate.

As we were becoming stronger on the market, new possibilities have arisen and today Vikos group is proud of its two own brands as well as the offer of complete logistics to its clients, procurement of the goods, retail and wholesale.

Our Brands



Fruits of the great quality, cultivated carefully in distant continents arrive here for you and your loved ones.

Because we care for you!

Recognizable brand, verified quality.

How and why we have created these brand names?

Savana: No, we don’t think of Africa, we think of Balkans. The Sava River connects the countries of the Balkans and that’s where we have found our inspiration. We wanted to bring the best quality products in countries of the Balkans, where the river Sava flows, where our heart is.

DiVita: In Italian language, VITA means life. The best thing you can do for others is to give them opportunity to live better, to live healthier. Offering the products of our brand DiVita , we are offering better, improved life.

We are here for you!