Procurement & Logistics

Do you need procurement and the most economical logistic solutions for the transport of the goods?

Our moto is to create circle of benefits for everyone. That’s not enchanted circle, but the circle that will enchant you. We are always for Win-Win solutions!

Vikos Group provides complete service of the “procurement”
through outsourcing for foods and offers supply chain management

Increased quality of products and service

Lower prices for distributors and sellers

Saving for the buyers who require quality

Increased demand for us

Our company has always been working on increasing value and impoving quality and offer of all our products. On the other hand, we have been creating better economical offers through lowering prices to distributors and sellers. This is the way we make possible our clients to enjoy double benefit-  BETTER QUALITY AND LOWER PRICE.


We provide the best conditions for the transport of goods in any way you prefer- by plane, by ship or by truck in the controlled temperature regime for all of our clients and partners.  

Our goal is to create unique service and support for the shops so they can save their time and money.

More money saved, more money for the new investments.

More investments bring  more business opportunities , which results in  new possibilities and progress. That is the way to create better world, with more satisfied people, more work places, more money and wider mind-sets

Flexible model, what is it?

We offer flexible model of collaboration to our clients. This model allows to purchase minimal quantity of  goods by very economical price. This is one of the various ways to help our clients to save their money.

We are here for you!