International markets

Vikos Group does trading of commodities like cereals, halfprocessed goods for food industry and raw materials such as polymers for plastic production. We perform stock disposal of unsold goods for our partners in order to decrease costs of logistics as well to have rotations of warehouse and to satisfy requests in other markets.

Stock disposal refers to the selling or transferring of ownership of stocks or other securities. This can be done for various reasons, such as to realize a profit, to rebalance a portfolio, or to raise cash. Stock disposal can be done through a variety of methods, such as selling the stock on a stock exchange, transferring the stock to another person or entity through a private sale, or donating the stock to a charitable organization. The specific details and process of stock disposal will depend on the type of stock and the jurisdiction in which it is being disposed.

Retail of the partnership brands

What does “Made in Italy” symbolize?
It is a status symbol that means quality, style and beauty. This status we deliver to you. Because you deserve it!

Authentic Italian products of the highest quality are our products in South East Europe and the Middle East for an international and sophisticated consumers.

Thanks to us, authentic Italian products of the highest quality are available to the international and sophisticated consumers in these regions.

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