Our Responsibility

What we want to offer to the world is a just small contribution, and should be responsibility of each individual: to take care of our planet, to protect it and save it. Global warming and climate changes could be prevented and/or at least minimized by conscious decisions to choose renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Renewable energy sources are those that can be replenished naturally and are not depleted when used, such as solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, and biomass.  The goal of renewable energy companies is to provide a cleaner, more sustainable alternative to traditional energy sources, such as coal and natural gas, which are finite and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar Energy

The awareness of the need to build healthy environment for us and our children, led us to the renewable energy-the solar energy. In Italy we have gained rich experience in this field and our goal is to share our knowledge and make this „ privilege“ closer to Southeast Europe.
Why solar energy?
Each individual, socially responsible, will always make decision favourable not only for him/herself but for all the society and environment. Solar energy is the most pure renewable source of energy. Solar panels have minimal, or no impact on the environment and there are benefits for both the users and our planet.  

Why Serbia and the region? Factors, which determine potential of one country, include people and natural resources and Serbia has the both of them. Therefore, we can state that Serbia is the country of great potential. With combining these possessions and our experience, we could make this country a better place for life.

Factors, which determine potential of one country, are people and gifts of the nature and Serbia has the both of them. Therefore, we can say that Serbia is the country of great potential. With the combination of its possession and our experience, we could make this country better place for live.

We believe in energy efficiency and creation of a new concept of the energy consumption.

High level of competence of our engineering team provided by constant education and investment in research of the market, helps us choose the best materials, with perfect quality/price rate and profitability of the investment.

Sun – Endless energy

Vikos Group offers turnkey solutions for:

> Industrial rooftops
> Greenhouses
> Shelters and warehouses
> On-ground solar panels

Our goal is to invest in development of solar parks in Southeast Europe, particularly in Serbia and Montenegro.

Our expert team provides support in all phases of installation of solar systems:

> We conduct technical and financial feasibility study
> We perform financial research
> We install solar panels
> We provide maintenance service

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